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BASIC Editor Commands

ScottyAnimation BASIC has commands that can be entered directly at the cursor and commands that can only be executed within a program (with line numbers).

The following commands can only be entered at the cursor and NOT in program code (Unless specified otherwise):

FIND <string>
This will list on the screen all the occurences of <string>

LIST <begin> <end>
This will list the program code specified, all the code if no parameters, or one line of code.

LINENUMBER <begin> <count> <step>
This will create blank linenumbers on the screen. Intended for image and sprite creation.

ERASE <begin> <end>
This will erase all program lines specified. BE CAREFUL!

RENUMBER <begin> <end> <start> <step>
This will renumber the program lines specified starting at <start> and incrementing by <step>.
It also automatically updates all line numbers specified by any commands, i.e. GOSUB, etc.

COPY <begin> <end> <start> <step>
This will copy specified line numbers to <start> and incrementing by <step>.

This will erase all program lines.

This will run the current program. You can also press CTRL+R to run the program.

Displays current filename that was last used to SAVE or LOAD.

Displays directory of files.

SAVE <filename>
Saves the current program to device's storage. Same as pressing CTRL+S (which also beeps).

LOAD <filename>
Loads a program into memory.

DELETE <filename>
Deletes a file. BE CAREFUL, cannot be undone.

Paste the contents of clipboard to screen buffer.

Paste the contents of clipboard to program buffer.

Copy program buffer to clipboard as text.

NOTE: You cannot have spaces within strings at this time. This may change in next version.