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Games for Android
Here are some games for Android that you can download and install on your Android device. All these games were written by me, ScottyAnimation and are completely free for you to download and use. These games contain no ads and unless stated otherwise, have no special permission requirements, such as internet, etc.


Some games require a 4-digit play code, it's free...

5 Candles

LAST UPDATED: 08/12/2017
You find yourself in a precarious situation when an acquaintance you met over the internet tricks you into being dinner for a demon from hell! Can you escape out of the apartment prison before all five candles burn out? Survive the sacrifice and escape with your soul intact! Very scary and not for the faint of heart. Good luck! You can download and install from here

It's a battle to the death between your favorite characters! Slenderman! Jeff the killer! Eyeless Jack! SlenderTubby and the Rake! Choose your favorite character and then start the battle! FREE and no ads! Download and install here

Countdown to Revelation 12
Are you ready for the end?  When is it? Well, some people, mainly on the internet thinks it's gonna start on September 23rd 2017. When it's said that the Revelation 12 sign will happen in the heavens. If you believe then this app is for you! Wonder how many days are left until the sign? No problem! Just take out your android device, tap the Revelation 12 app, and it will tell you! No fuss, no muss! There are no ads, and it's completely free, download and install it from here.... Revelation 12

Yes, it's now time to release the Slender Tubbies! Back by popular demand. Enjoy! You can download and install the app from here