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Origins of Horror: The Ancient Mirror

Origins of Horror: The Ancient Mirror

Viewers may find content disturbing.
Only intended for mature audiences.
Not intended for children.

What you are about to see is based on a true story.
Names have been changed and voices disguised to protect
the privacy of those involved.

    Origins of Horror: The Ancient Mirror

    All throughout history, mankind has recorded encounters with strange creatures,
    some human like and others, well, not so human like. From cave paintings dating
    back hundreds of thousands of years to engraved stone tablets to drawings on animal skin,
    to anicient books to modern day video, all kinds of unexplained "creatures" have been
    documented throughout history.

    From ghosts and demons to bigfoot and mothman. To modern day urban legends such as the
    slenderman. Which to be fair, was invented on the internet, but has basis in
    fact. 15th century wooden engravings from Germany confirm this.

    So what's the connection? Is there a connection? Are all of these creatures simply the
    product of man's wild imagination? Or is there something more? Something that until now
    has been hidden. Something that ties all these creatures together. And not only is that
    something responsible for monsters of the past, but continues to be a threat for possibly
    unleashing horrors on mankind in the future.

    1978, Washington D.C., the Smithsonien Istitute. Employer of an unassuming researcher of
    archelogy assigned to the task of sorting through past discoveries made in the United States
    spanning the last 200 years. His job, organize, catergorize and sort these materials and
    determine what should be available to the general public and what should be put away for
    future researchers.

    In fear of possible reprisal, we shall only refer to him as Dr. K.

DR.K.:    "Well, I going thru this stuff, lots of indian artifacts, burial mound stuff, a few viking
    artifacts which I was very surprised to see, some dinosaur bones, etc. nothing really out
    of the ordinary."

narr:    But two days into his work,  Dr. K. discovered something very interesting....

DR.K.:    "Well I got to this one box, a white box, it contained arrowheads, pottery, some weave cloth...well
    nothing I hadn't seen before, I was seperating the objects by their classification when something
    at the bottom of the box, I had already taken everything else out, otherwise I wouldn't have seen
    it. But I was surprised, it was a piece of paper, and looked to be about..., well it was new, so
    the first thought I had was the researcher before me had left it there, but.... then I noticed the
    first sentence on the page, "ANCIENT MIRROR CARBON DATING ANALYSIS." and I thought hmmm, that's
    interesting, and I immediately started to dig around in the box to find this mirror, but it wasn't

narr:    Yeah but you weren't too disappointed....

DR.K.:    No, yeah that's right I wasn't, because even though there was no mirror in the box, I read further
    down on the page and when I seen the date, I thought, what? Huh, this mirror, or at the time, well,
    the date listing on the page, of the mirror, which I didn't have, but, it was, millions of years old.
    Ancient, super ancient, really ancient, and I thought this must be due to the material of the , what,
    the mirror must have been composed of, but on this piece of paper, this report, this one page report,
    indicated that the frame, not the mirror, the frame that surrounded the mirror, and the mirror itself
    wasn't really a mirror as what we know of as....

narr:    Well we'll get to the mirror, but what about the frame?

DR.K:    Yeah, the frame itself, not the mirror, just the frame itself, was millions of years old. Which is just
    not possible! I mean, it just wasn't possible. Huh, early man, according to everybody! just didn't have
    the tools, skill, etc. to create such a, modern looking, huh, artifact. It just didn't make sense. And
    the mirror itself, was so old, or ancient is more of a better term, that, well according to the report,
    they could not identify the material that it was made of. They didn't know what it was, and could not date
    it based on that fact. They could not even take a sample of the mirror, it was completely, according to
    the report, this one page report, the mirror could not be broken, chipped, scratched, they could not take
    a sample from the mirror. period. they were dumbfounded.

narr:    Was this report dated? I mean you know, was there a....

DR.K:    1967. That was the date on the report, 1967.

narr:    And this is 1978, when

DR.K:    Yeah 78.

narr:    When you were reading this report, and the report was dated, this one page report on the mirror, the mirror
    and it's frame, was dated 1967.

DR.K:    Yeah that's right. 11 years, or about 11 years previous, is when this report was done, appearently.

narr:    Did you ever find the mirror? Going thru....

DR.K:    No

narr:    Going thru the rest of boxes....

DR.K:    No, never found it.

narr:    So that must have been....

DR.K:    Yeah, I never found the mirror itself, but....

narr:    next time on origins of horror

agent:    It was bloody awful, just bloody awful. These things, these creatures just kept coming, coming out
    of this doorway, pouring thru, every nightmare you ever had, was coming thru that portal,
    the American's just started shooting! the scientists, the german scientists hid,
    they just hid. They warned us, but they still wanted to see what would....

narr:    happen, so the germans wanted to see, the scienctists, wanted to see this for themselves

agent:    yes, of course, of course they did, they weren't able to complete the experiment on their own,
    they didn't have time, the war was over, essentially and well, we wanted to see it too

narr:    and...

agent:    well! we wished we hadn't, that's all, terrible, terrible business, experience, oh my.

narr:    how did they stop it, I mean, how did they close this thing down, the doorway, how....

agent:  the frame, the frame was the key, the key to the mirror. The mirror itself was indestructable, and when
    it was activated, well, or open, it's like it wasn't even there. There was nothing to destroy.
    So, the frame was the key. That's how they shut it down. And a good thing too, good, good thing.